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individually, and then eventually decide to double team. The girls use excruciating scissors and chokes on Scott and then when they double team him, London puts her foot on his groin, while Kody uses her scissors, rendering Scott completely powerless. A pair of head scissors, ankle chokes, chokes, camel clutch, a pair of arms, a foot on a groin, a face, a comeback and a camel clutch Bringing along London as a companion, Kyody and Scott are first tackling him individually, then later on they decide to team up to take on him together. There is plenty of trash talk as Scott claims London is a no-hope for him. It takes both girls excruciating scissors and chokes, but when they decide to double team him, Kody places her foot on the groin and London puts her scissors on the groin, making Scott completely helpless. Aheadscissors, Ankle Choke, Chokes, Camel Clutch, Arm Pull, Foot on Groin, Face There is plenty of trash talk between them as Scott claims London has no chance against him,...