Tickling trial: Patty vs Morrigan (FHD) – Bondagio g n

Tickling trial: Patty vs Morrigan (FHD) - Bondagio g nTo find more videos from
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Length:32 min
tight hogtie. Fingers dancing lightly across Pattys feet. Morrigan tried feathers, then metal hand and rubber glove, even an electric toothbrush, but Patty remained resolute. Adding oil and a ring gag helps, turning Patty in a shaking submissive.  It was now her turn.  Patty approached Morrigan, secured on a bench as well. A twinkle in her eye, and began with gentle strokes along Morrigans feet. She licks it and tickle with long nails. Morrigans laughter filled the air, but she wouldnt give in easily. Patty switched tactics, employing a feather, which brought peals of laughter from Morrigan. It was a fierce battle, but Morrigan showed no signs of surrender. Now Patty grabs an oil and gently rubs it in girl’s feet. Tied toes doesn’t let her move it too much. She uses the same tools, even the gag, but being more passionate and creative about it.  In the end, after what felt like hours of laughter and tickles, it was impossible to tell who had won. Breathless and exhausted, both girls can’t stand no longer.  ...