Power Struggle 3 – Reduced – Media Impact Customs vore giantess

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Studio:Media Impact Customs
Length:19 min
Thinking Mia chickened out, Kerri laughs. 
Then there is a loud booming sound and. Then Mia pulls her tongue back into her mouth with Kerri. Kerri begs her not to from. Mia moans with Kerri in her mouth as she thinks about Kerri going down. After hearing Kerri say that, Mia turns to a pissed-off look. 
Mia says to Kerri pissed off. Mia slowly twerks her giant ass at Kerri getting closer and closer to her. Then, slowly goes to. Kerri desperately attempts to hold Mia’s giant ass cheek up from underneath while hearing. Kerri looks in fear at its size before getting angry and punching and kicking it. 
Mia turns her head and shrinks Kerri to the size of a spec and says “mmm, a snack” before. Mia sees her again. Mia says “if I can’t eat you, then you’ll. Mia then drops Kerri in the back of her thong. 
Mia stands up. Then Mia says “And so you don’t escape” before pulling her thong deep into her ass. 
Mia then slowly walks away ass view as she walks with booming sounds and shaking) as Kerri screams...